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Bulldog Puppy Care

Bulldogs are great pets for people who don’t want an extremely demanding pet, but who still expect loyalty and devotion from him. Their puppies are rather easy to care for and won’t ask for much from the owner, but there are still some things that you should know.

When you bring your Bulldog puppy home you need to give him some time to get used to the new surroundings and people. Don’t have a lot of people around waiting to pet him and play with him. There will be plenty time for that later, when he is not as confused and scared as when he first comes into your home.

Vet should come and administer all the needed vaccinations, this will usually be done over the course of several months, as some vaccinations don’t go well together and you need to make pauses between them. Before the dog receives all the vaccinations make sure that he doesn’t come into contact with other dogs and even people who have dogs, your puppy will be very vulnerable in this period and you need to minimize the risk of him catching something.

Once he has received his vaccinations though, make sure that he gets a lot of opportunities to socialize, this will help him develop a healthy and friendly attitude towards new dog and people. Bulldogs are still rather lively while they are puppies, but they usually get lazier as they grow older. You should have a walk with your puppy as often as you can (no more than once a day), but that is about as much exercise as he will need.

Lastly, you need to be careful not to expose them to extreme weather conditions. They have short fur that won’t do much to protect them from cold, and their short muzzle will not allow them to cool off properly in the heat which makes them very susceptible to heat strokes. Keep your Bulldog puppy inside, or if he is outside, make sure that he has something to shelter him from the heat or the cold.

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